Tuesday, October 1, 2013

City Car Driving 1.3 RELEASED!

The long-awaited "City Car Driving v1.3" has been released! Update now! A new version 1.3 contains many new features and improvements, which are listed below:

  • Support for both right-handed and left-handed driving modes allows you to drive not only under the usual traffic rules, adopted in most countries of the world - on the right side of the road, but also under the rules used for the driving on the left side of the road, as it is for example, in Australia, Japan, UK and some other countries. This feature makes our car simulator a versatile tool, regardless of the country which the user resides in.

  • New right-handed player cars immerse the player in completely different unusual driving conditions.

  • DirectX 11 support is a big step forward in terms of graphics quality and performance! This game mode is faster and consumes less memory.

  • Multilingual support enhances the usability of the simulator. In this new version we’ve added Turkish and Chinese languages support. Therefore, currently supported languages are: EnglishGermanFrenchItalianSpanishPortugueseTurkish and Chinese. In future we plan to add more languages.
    New features: 

    ● Added the left driving mode (driving on the left side of the road). 
    ● Added two new right-handed player cars (wheel is on the right side of the car). 
    ● Added two new languages support: Turkish and Chinese.
    ● Added DirectX 11 support (can be selected in the game settings menu). 
    ● Added two-section traffic lights. 
    ● Added an ability to copy settings from the existing player profile, when creating a new one. 
    ● Added an ability to view with a mouse inside of a car. 
    ● Added support of needle indicators with irregular scale. 

    Bug fixes and improvements: 

    ● Developed a new traffic rules control system for roundabouts. Rules are controlled in a new way – system gives more detailed violation reports, as well as recommendations. 
    ● Improved behavior of A.I traffic cars on roundabouts. Cars began to comply with priority rules better, as well as use turn signals correctly. 
    ● Improved steerability of A.I. traffic cars. Increased their stability on the road. 
    ● Refined pedestrian crossings. Behavior of pedestrians and A.I. traffic cars at pedestrian crossings became more diverse and dynamic. 
    ● Fixed collisions of A.I. traffic cars with player's car and between each other at start of the driving session. 
    ● Corrected conditions of issuing recommendations to increase the distance. 
    ● Corrected texts of exercises. 
    ● Improved checking of the turn signal switching status at the beginning of the movement. 
    ● Fixed false violation reports of turn signals using on road bends. 
    ● Fixed false violation reports of driving on the oncoming traffic lane on the courtyard territory in free driving mode. 
    ● Fixed a bug caused traffic jams in narrow passages. 
    ● Fixed a bug caused the game to crash in case of launching via shortcuts on desktop and in the "Start" menu sometimes. 
    ● Fixed a bug caused loosing of settings and achievements in a user's profile. 
    ● Fixed a bug caused the game to crash in case there was no any sound device connected to the PC. 
    ● Fixed other minor bugs.


    1. How do I install it when i already have version 1.2.5?

      1. You can't you have to download the game again.

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